sea salt caramel popcorn



½ cup dried corn kernels 

¼ cup unsalted butter 

1 cup granulated sugar 

1 pinch sea salt


In a large saucepan heat the sugar dry and stir with a wooden spoon until golden, then, add the butter and sea salt, stirring vigorously to incorporate. Reduce the heat and add the popcorn kernels. Stir well and cover the pot with a sheet of aluminum foil. Slowly the kernels will start to pop - stir occasionally to make sure none still to the corners of the pan and burn. When the popping has stopped pour the popcorn onto a parchment lined baking tray and allow to cool. When set break up into clusters and, if not devouring immediately store in a airtight container in a cool and dry place. 


When I first moved to North America from France as a young man one of the first new foods I fell in love with was POPCORN! To me there was no snack more emblematic of my new home and my obsession continues to this day. My technique for making Caramel Popcorn was developed over many years of trial and error. Rather than the traditional method of pouring a hot caramel over popped corn I have discovered that popping corn DIRECTLY IN THE HOT CARAMEL is most effective for producing luscious, evenly coated kernels. The addition of Sea Salt heightens the roasted sugar flavour for an irresistible and easy to make treat.

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